Exciting times

The title of this post is quite literal, I assure you. A lot has transpired since the last post here. You can go back and read it if you like but it comes across as kind of whiny. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I’m doing a Harrison Ford with that post in that I wrote it but I don’t necessarily want to see it again.

The important bits that you need to know about what has gone before involve a rather tense meeting of most of our school leaders including department chairs, principal, and superintendent. At said meeting about this years’ Master Schedule of course offerings I was roundly criticized for being unwilling to teach an unspecified junior high elective (which, for the record, turned out to be Plants and Animals of Colorado, with “teacher developed curriculum” and no I’m not teaching it). I was also dragged across the coals for daring to suggest that AP Biology has precedence over lower level course offerings, since students plan their 4 yrs of coursework to get to that pinnacle point of difficulty and achievement.

I had to explain to everyone what AP stood for and why they should care. It was rough. Most people in the meeting got on board and said that AP Bio is cool, but the numbers of students requesting it (10 at the time, which is an excellent size for my small school) nearly doomed it in some people’s minds. So we compromised.

I am teaching AP Bio this year, fortunately. Unfortunately it’s during the same time as my Anatomy and Physiology class. Yep, I have my two most lecture-heavy lab-heavy preps the same hour.

Why, you ask? It was either that or no APBio. Brutal choice, but that’s the corner I was backed into over the summer. Exciting, yes?

Those of you that have taught for a while will recognize the tone of frustration that arises from having your own personal bubble of who you thought you were as a teacher suddenly popped. Mostly that’s because I am now an earth science teacher in addition to my former life of biology, anatomy, APBio, and engineering teacher. That was the compromise. Teach earth science=save APBio.

So far it’s going about as well as you might expect for someone managing 6 different preps, 2 the same hour, with one completely new prep outside his area of expertise.

In other words, I have to change what I do. New learning. Scrambling for lesson plans. I forgot what this feels like. Interesting?


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  1. Summer Quisgard

    There must be a huge push for Earth Science because my school did the exact same thing. Although I do not get to teach AP biology, which I do miss, I get 6 classes of 30 plus students in Earth Systems. Good luck and if you have any fun tips for Earth Science let me know! 🙂


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