Almost ready for primetime: details of my SBG plan for 2010-2011

First, let me say that the documents posted below are truly products of the SBG Borg. At least four people other than myself are responsible for the standards-based grading system that I’ve put together. Sometimes its hard to know where one person’s ideas begin and end, but I’ve tried to give credit for the different pieces that I have shamelessly stolen. Kudos to Matt Townsley, Shawn Cornally, Jason BuellFrank Noschese, and others for giving me the building blocks that helped put together a system that I think will work for my science classes this year.

In summary, I’ve put together a nested SBG system with 9 major Standards that represent the major skills that I want students to be able to perform. It’s “nested” because the first standard is directly content related and so will have its own set of content-specific Learning Goals that will be assessed independently of each other: standards within a standard. Both the first Standard’s Learning Goals and the 9 Standards together will use conjunctive scoring to determine the final grade.  The plan is for online portfolios (yay 1:1!) and face-to-face conferences to be most of the assessment pieces, which will help students meet the Standards that I’ve chosen.

The two documents that I have mostly complete so far are my assessment philosophy (an explanation of my SBG system) and a more specific list of the Standards and Learning Goals for my biology class.

Feel free to comment on them or pirate them if they are useful. We want the SBG Borg to spread. You will be assimilated.

3 thoughts on “Almost ready for primetime: details of my SBG plan for 2010-2011

  1. Tyler

    Thanks for sharing your process so transparently. As I’m still working out my assessment plans for next year, I appreciate the work that people like you are sharing publicly. Rock on!

  2. Sandra Miller

    Thank you for writing a parent letter! I have been racking my brains trying to come up with a simple way to explain this whole thing.

    If I could be a total geek for a minute, however, in your first sentence, you have “will be working with … I”.

    Anyway, I really like how you’ve tied everything together here.

    1. Chris Ludwig Post author

      @Tyler – glad to do it. Its not perfect, but it probably shouldn’t be. The kids need to have some input as well after school starts.

      @Sandra – I’m sure I borrowed from other’s parent letters so feel free to steal this one, its kind of a group effort. Thanks for the “geek” comment, that sentence you pointed out was redundant with a later one anyway. Fixed it.


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