Student blogs of the week 9/12/10

Some of you have asked for examples of student work as I roll out my standards-based portfolio/blog system for assessment this year. I’ll give you a few cherry-picked examples in a “blog-of-the-week” format, but also provide the links to all my students’ blogs so you can get a picture of where we are overall.

In anatomy and physiology, we are finishing an orientation to the human body with discussion of levels of organization, medical terminology (directional terms, in this case), and homeostasis as the major content standards. Sarah’s and Stephanie’s blogs have some helpful visuals embedded in their posts.  I hope to see more visuals like these happening soon from more students.

In biology, we are focusing on the basic chemistry that effects living systems, including the special properties of water. Michael put together an outstanding prezi on water properties and Makayla did a great job of explaining some of her results from the exploratory lab that we did early in the week. Audie wins a last minute spot for the first use of Glogster this year (he learned to be a pro at it last year, if you are wondering).  Since I didn’t choose blogs of the week last week, I’ll throw in a mention for Kandace, one of our pioneer Xtranormal users in the class.

Chemistry students started the year with a self-designed mixture separation lab which they described on their blogs to meet Standard 3 (understand the principles behind the techniques learned in lab).  Katrina and Drew are two of the many students who did a nice job summarizing what they did in the lab.

I’ll try to keep up some sort of blog-of-the-week nominations on a regular basis, although as more students catch on to what we are trying to achieve in my classes, I may be overwhelmed with awesome blog posts- what a great problem to have! So far we are on track to have just that happen.

If you want to get a feel for what all the student blogs look like and maybe encourage some students who haven’t been mentioned here yet, you can find the links to this year’s student blogs here or on my page for parents and families.

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