Greed-> Subprime Loans-> Financial Collapse-> Bank Bailouts-> Massive Spending-> No Revenue-> No Politician Willing to Raise Taxes-> Massive State Budget Shortfall-> Budget Cutting Plan by Governor-> Local Prison Closed-> Prison Staff Transferred to Other State Prisons-> Prison Staff Move Their Families Out of the Community-> Wonderful Students No Longer Attend My School.

2 thoughts on “Causality

  1. gasstationwithoutpum

    You have a cloud of linked concepts there, but hardly a simple linear causality chain. “No politician willing to raise taxes” for example, is directly tied to greed, and should precede “no revenue”. Local prison funding has little connection with bank bailouts, as state and federal budgets are not that tightly linked.

    1. Chris Ludwig Post author

      All very true comments on the post. Mostly I was just venting some frustration at the loss of some of my favorite students who will not be returning to our school next year. The causes are truly complicated, to be sure, and short of some sort of concept map-like graphic are hard to accurately portray as I have, in this lame linear fashion. But it’ll have to do for now as I finish off the last few days of school and crank out final grades.


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