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BYOD: Does anyone have a right to WiFi in a school setting?

Free speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to bear arms. Free access to your school’s WiFi network. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Until the tech department changes the passwords, that is. At my school, students had grown used to a very generous Bring Your Own Device atmosphere that had built up over several years. I suppose most students had their phones on the school Read More →


When the batteries die, break out the crayons

This is a cautionary tale about what happens when educational technology fails. Of course, tech breaking down is nothing new, but reliance on technology in a 1:1 learning environment introduces some complications that you might not have thought about. Not so long ago, I would have ranked myself up there on the list of folks who knew how to do educational technology pretty well. I had Read More →


iPads in Science Education: Apps Students Actually Use

Almost every tech blogger I run across publishes some sort of Top Ten list of iOS apps at some point in their blog. Not to be outdone, I present my own list here, but whether it has ten apps and whether it manages to sell stuff to anyone remains to be seen. With any luck this post will let you see how we’re using iPads Read More →

iPads in Anatomy

iPads in the classroom: a review of my 1:1 deployment so far

I’m going to return to my roots as an edtech blogger for a moment and recap this past semester’s iPad deployment project, so those of you used to reading my notes about SBG will have to wait for the next post. Let me begin by saying that this project would not have been possible without Erik, my district’s technology guru and grant writer. He was Read More →

This blog used to be about technology: what happened?

To celebrate my (belated) 1 year blogoversary, I went back over the year’s worth of posts just for kicks. The biggest trend I saw over time was more blogging about assessment and less blogging about 1:1 and edtech issues. Why the switch? I think that the technology became so ingrained in what I do in my classroom that it is essentially invisible right in front Read More →


2009-2010: My Edtech Year in Review

My main challenge this school year was to experiment with what works and what doesn’t work in a 1:1 laptop classroom. While I have taught discrete technology-based lessons in past years using a shared computer lab, this year marked the first time I had access to a laptop for each student in my classroom and could begin to change how my class operates. This post Read More →


Student-owned vs. School-owned 1:1

In the chaotic world of educational technology, the Holy Grail of late seems to be the implementation of 1:1 computing initiatives. Most educators will agree that having more computers for students is a worthy goal for school districts. Therefore, many districts are rushing out to buy netbooks or macs or the handheld device du jour. But what about those districts that are starting to allow Read More →

AP Biology students with their MacBooks

1:1 Laptop Programs: Shifting the Way Students Learn

This week I was invited to write a guest blog for Edutopia on the #edchat discussion of 1:1 laptop programs and their impact on learning.  The Edutopia blog can be found at  http://www.edutopia.org/1-to-1-laptop-programs-edchat-chris-ludwig but it also appears here: AP Biology students with their MacBooks I usually join the 5:00MST #edchat on Twitter but this past Tuesday (January 19th) my colleague @boundstaffpress (Justin Miller) mentioned that Read More →