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Boxing match

Student Blog Smackdown

  SMACKDOWN: a confrontation between rivals or competitors I try not to take sides in student disputes, which is why I’ll let you, dear reader, help sort out this situation: Two of my best student bloggers have started getting scrappy with each other in class about how many blog views they have. These students have been with me for a couple years now and both Read More →

Documenting Black Widow Behavior

Inquiry in AP Biology: Live It. Love It. Assess It?

In my last post I described how I might try to conduct my AP Biology class a lot like I conducted the (in)famous Phunsics Class of 2011-2012. (Phunsics side note: I saw one of the graduated seniors from that class recently. He told me the story of how over the summer he and another member of the phunsics class were at the local grocery store Read More →


A student-designed AP Biology course?

I’ve waited to post this set of thoughts until I was back at school, mostly because I was up in the mountains for the last bit of the summer. Yes, I had wifi, but, well, there were other things to do that were better than blogging. But I’m back to writing, and in terms of changes for this school year that you might be interested Read More →