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Pretest, post-test: how ’bout no test?

Confession (again): I dislike assessment. I’m the kind of teacher who loves to zoom through my favorite topics (which is all of science, really) without stopping for tests so I can get to even more interesting topics. After all, there is only so much time in a semester, right?  But with my binary grading policy this semester (see my earlier posts to this blog), I’m Read More →


Binary Grading in Practice (Update 1)

As described previously on this blog, I am experimenting with a grading system in which students earn either 1 or 0 points for daily assignments that reflect learning activities or practice.  Quizzes, tests, and projects that do measure individual learning earn higher point values in the gradebook. With a few weeks-worth of grades in the book, I’ll risk a few early observations about how the Read More →