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What makes a techie a techie?

maccrashFirst a disclaimer: I am a full time classroom teacher and a transplant into education, at that. However, I find that I am called upon to do staff trainings alongside more experienced educators when it comes to topics like Twitter and Moodle since I use these and other techie tools with my classes. This means that I sometimes find myself in the unusual, but fun, position of teaching other teachers, something I always assumed administrators or random consultants did.  Many educators find themselves in similar situations, I know. I’ve seen the tweets that look a lot like some of mine: “Showing teachers (insert fav web app here) today, they love it” or something to that effect.

I suppose the bigger question is “why us?”. What makes this cadre of educators, of which I consider myself a member, different enough that we get tapped to lead PD sessions for staff? Isn’t every teacher equally capable of joining Twitter and taking off from there like many of us have on crazy mind-expanding network-building journeys?

This is the core question, then: what leads some teachers to embrace technology (and we’re talking computers mainly, not pencils for you retro types) in the classroom? Why are we the ones on the Edge while others are standing back from it by doing the same old lessons?

If you’ve got any ideas about what makes a techie a techie I’d love to know, because we sure need to be raising a few generations of techies over the next few decades unless we want to get out-competed in disastrous ways.