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Are you a Master Teacher?

This week I was asked by an administrator if I would like to go observe “some master Science teachers” in one of the big cities here in Colorado. I said yes. I’ll jump at any chance to see other science teachers in action, especially those that are in another school district. But then I got to wondering about the phrasing of this offer, especially the Read More →

Justin in overalls with the prime minister of Canada

How to make standards-based grading just another fad

A colleague of mine recently described what it was like growing up as the youngest kid in the family. His main point was that the youngest child sometimes learns a lot from watching the older kids fail horribly. Hopefully this post gives you a chance to benefit from being the little brother/sister learning from us older kids so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Read More →


How little it takes to be “technologically proficient”

Have you ever run into resources produced by your state board of education that made you scratch your head and say “hmmm….?” I had that experience today as I took a technology survey that the Colorado Department of Education created to determine the level of “technological proficiency” that teachers had attained. The “hmmm…” part came right at the beginning with this list of definitions of Read More →